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Food Production

Community Gardens

Community gardening plots are available at the Vassar Farm. Originally a product of the World War II Victory Gardens project, the Community Gardens continue today with 120 plots available to community members on a first-come-first-served basis.  Gardeners are required to follow three simple rules: garden organically, bring your own hose (but unhook it when you leave) and build your own fence (to delineate the gardens and to protect your plants from the deer).

There is a nominal fee for gardening a plot for a season. For more information on a Community Garden plot, please contact Anna Jamel at anjamel@vassar.edu (845) 437-7270 or Jeff Horst at jehorst@vassar.edu (845) 437-5686.

Poughkeepsie Farm Project

The Poughkeepsie Farm Project is a non-profit organization that works toward a just and sustainable food system in the Mid-Hudson Valley by operating a member-supported farm, providing education about food and farming, and improving access to healthy locally-grown food. Contact the Poughkeepsie Farm Project